Industrial manufacturing within the Hamilton/Niagara has for many years represented the driving force of the regional economy. In addition, it represents a significant provincial impact with an estimated $12 Billion annual effect or the equivalent of 4% of Ontario’s GDP.

It is estimate that over 100,000 jobs are attributable to this cluster in the region, with billions being injected into the local economy on an annual basis through salaries and wages.

Steel production and processing, heavy and general manufacturing, storage and warehousing represent the major industrial activities which predominate within the region, with well developed infrastructure which facilitates the production and movements of goods continues to be enhanced within both communities.

The existing industrial base is exceptionally diverse and well positioned to address both local and global market challenges. The potential certainly exists for the manufacturing sector to continue to diversify and to address the many changes which are shaping the global economy. Strong leadership, innovation and expertise will remain the corner stones of a healthy advanced manufacturing cluster within the Hamilton/Niagara region.


The Hamilton/Niagara region is centrally located within one of the three largest food and beverage processing districts in North America. Ontario plays host to 3,200 globally recognized agri-food companies, many of which call both communities home.

The Hamilton/Niagara food industry activities include food and beverage processing, warehousing and distribution, retailing and food service. With its superior land base, central location, multi-model transportation network, and world class talent the Hamilton/Niagara region is in a position to take advantage of the many new markets and opportunities in an industry that continues to see annual growth rates.

Food and Beverage Processing is a key component of economic strategies for both communities, and statistics show both communities are strong in production areas such as Wine, Nursery, Sod and Maple, Greenhouse, Cash Crops, Poultry and Egg, Vegetable, Mushroom and Dairy with a spin-off to food processing companies and value-added agriculture-related businesses.


The City of Hamilton and the Region of Niagara is the home of an intellectual and physical environment for a thriving life sciences cluster that connects researchers, business, healthcare providers and education.

Both communities are globally recognized for biotechnology strengths in the health sector including drug discovery and validation, gene therapy and clinical trials. Research in these areas is producing life saving drugs and vaccines, medical devices, and solutions to current health issues. With a focus on the commercialization of research and development, Hamilton is poised for growth in this knowledge-based cluster.

The City together with its community partners Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, McMaster University and Mohawk College, and the Region with its own partners including Brock University Biolinc, Niagara College Research & Innovation, and the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, are together helping the life sciences sector achieve its innovative potential by building a supportive business environment, connecting research and business communities, and marketing its world-class strengths in the global marketplace.