The Hamilton/Niagara region is centrally located within one of the three largest food and beverage processing districts in North America. Ontario plays host to 3,200 globally recognized agri-food companies, many of which call both communities home. The Hamilton/Niagara food industry activities include food and beverage processing, warehousing and distribution, retailing and food service.  With its superior land base, central location, multi-model transportation network, and world class talent the Hamilton/Niagara region is in a position to take advantage of the many new markets and opportunities in an industry that continues to see annual growth rates. Food and Beverage Processing is a key component of economic strategies for both communities, and statistics show both communities are strong in production areas such as Wine, Nursery, Sod and Maple, Greenhouse, Cash Crops, Poultry and Egg, Vegetable, Mushroom and Dairy with a spin-off to food processing companies and value-added agriculture-related businesses.